Thierry Ollivier became the Supervisory Board member i3D.

Thierry Ollivier has been appointed to the Supervisory Board of i3D. As a veteran of the Audiovisual Industry, Thierry brings over 20 years of experience in establishing Sales & Distribution networks worldwide. He is one of the founders of projectiondesign® in Norway, a successful manufacturer of high performance projectors, now part of the Barco Group.

” I am honored about this appointment on the Supervisory Board of i3D. I have followed the development of the company and strongly believe in its international potential.  Virtual Reality is a professional buzzword in 2016.  The time has come for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality to enter more professional and consumer markets. Hardware is becoming widely available and affordable. Content and project management are the keys to success. This is where i3D will bring the creative and technical VR skills to please SMB and Fortune 500 companies.”