Alvo Medical

Interactive configurator
of the operating room
compatible with
the client’s ALVO Integra simulator.

About the project

ALVO Medical is a company with 20 years of experience. It creates modern solutions and equipment for operating rooms and other healthcare facilities. The firm works with hospitals all over the world, offering comprehensive services such as modular OR panels, operating lights, medical trolleys, furniture and specialist equipment. Their flagship product is ALVO Integra that allows for complete integration of used devices and the OR equipment. i3D was in charge of creating a multimedia configurator of the operating theatre that allows to control the devices using mentioned system.

Case study

Creating and equipping a modern OR is a complicated and time-consuming process. Effective patient care and friendly workspace for medical personnel is established through taking into consideration multiple factors, not only a medical machines, but also lightning, equipment, sterility, ventilation, and the arrangement of all elements, even the interior design. All these components are important to the recovery of the patients. There’s no room for mistakes and shortcomings on account of human life being at stake.

In the planning of medical interiors and laboratories the modern design techniques, such as 3D scanning of the rooms and visual simulations, come in handy. They help to predict the architecture of the space, number of personnel needed, set of procedures and specialist equipment required to perform. Overall, it allows to avoid unexpected outcomes while performing the operation.

Even the most well-equipped and cautiously planned operating room will have decreased functionality if its elements are not unified by one, comprehensive system that allows to manage all of them.

That is why ALVO Integra was created for our client. We were in charge of developing a multimedia application that allows to present to potential clients benefits of that system and design any operating room using the products of ALVO Medical.



We created an application using Quazar3D. It’s fully compatible with Integra system and shows user the benefits of advocated products. It’s simple. The user takes a tablet with the application to manage a virtual operating room in an intuitive and easy way. It allows to create a fully-equipped, custom OR by changing individual elements and equipment. Shape, color and used materials are modifiable. Each element has been extensively described and presented, letting the user to try various combinations. The client can design an OR that suits his actual needs. Interactive solutions allow him to make a sensible business decision and avoid unnecessary complications in the future. The application is available on a stereoscopic screen in the company’s quarters.