Virtual walk around an industrial space
reduces the exposure of a visitor and lowers
the risk of accidents

About the project

ArcelorMittal is the world’s biggest steel manufacturer, employing over 244 thousand people in 60 countries. The company owns several steel mills in Poland including former Huta Katowice in Dąbrowa Górnicza. It’s home to one of the biggest furnaces in Poland and Europe. i3D was in charge of creating a multimedia tool used for training and publicity as well as recruitment purposes.

Case study

Former Huta Katowice is equipped in state of the art furnaces. Due to the risk involved in operating this large machinery extra precautions are necessary to ensure the safety in the workspace. The employees deal with many risk factors, such as high dust and gas concentration, extreme temperatures and proximity of smelted iron ore. The area in the vicinity of the furnace is restricted only to highly trained and qualified personnel. Virtual reality created by i3D eliminates these limits and allows to train workers in safe and photorealistic environment that reflects the actual furnace area.



Using VR Glasses (Oculus) to step further into the digital world we created a solution that allows user to take a virtual walk around the furnace hall. Combined high resolution graphics and sound effects reflect the conditions in the actual steel mill and let the user take a closer look at the production process. It also allows to familiarize workers with strict OSH regulations that apply while working in such extreme environment.