Multimedia, based on reality solutions
that optimize the process of training
new employees of the mine.

About the project

We created Quazar3D – system of multimedia tools for Becker-Warkop Sp. z o.o. – the leading company in production of machinery used in mining. By using our solutions the employee learns in a safe way, through a training held in a virtual reality. Moreover – he learns how to deal with real hazards by simulated controlled accidents. Used technologies allow for constant improvement of professional skills – without the high costs of stopping the workflow or potential mistakes made by non-experienced employees. The application saves money and allows to draw conclusions from mistakes.


Case study

To meet the expectations of the market, the enterprises are in a need of constant improvement. New systems based on more and more complicated solutions require continuous training of employees, especially in such demanding environment as a mine, where the smallest mistake can result in severe body injuries or death. The managers are facing a difficult choice – whether or not to train the employees in a workspace. It requires the shut-down of part of the enterprise and causes measurable financial loss. The alternative is to hold the training elsewhere. That does not affect the production process, but can diminish the quality of the course. We propose a solution that is based on multimedia systems. They not only minimize the need of training in the actual workplace, but also create new perspectives for the participants.


For Becker-Warkop – the manufacturer of mining machines and equipment – we created several multimedia tools that improve the process of training new employees.

Training simulators for operators

We offer solutions that take the training process into a safe virtual environment. Through a realistic representation of the environment and multiple, rich scenarios, the trainees ale able to prove themselves in situations that are hard to encounter during traditional courses. Multiple levels guarantee that the scenario is adjusted to the skill level of the operator.

Real controllers navigation

Due to accurate representation of the controllers employees are trained in conditions that reflect the actual workspace. Moving the training to a virtual reality allows to acquaint the trainees with the machine and use the theoretical training without the need to worry about severe, real-world consequences.

Augmented Reality

Our devices use solutions based on augmented reality – a real world environment whose elements are supplemented by computer-generated images. It allows to present additional, vital for the user information next to the real object. Generated images can take any form – from basic text to complex 3D models.

Virtual reality in vocational training

For the purpose of the project we created a mine railway simulator that emulates the behavior of the actual machine. To guarantee the realistic experience we combined the simulation module with the original controllers and force feedback. The exercises allow to gain practical skills and help the operators to realize the full extent of risk involved in the process. The wide range of scenarios covers the scope of external factors and is suitable for every level of knowledge. The device is equipped with a monitor and an evaluation system that presents to the supervisor the strengths and weaknesses of an employee.