Multimedia solutions
for a furniture museum
that’s part of a comprehensive
exhibition center.

About the project

Dobrodzień is a small city in the Upper Silesia region of Poland, in Opole Voivodeship. For over 200 years it has been famous for carpentry and craftsmanship. This tradition is presented in Dobroteka, an exhibition showroom, where over dozen of renowned furniture producers present their products. We had a pleasure of working with one of them – the KLER company. They asked us to refine their exhibition by state-of-the-art multimedia solutions in form of an interactive museum that presents the history of carpentry in Silesia.

Case study

Choosing furniture is both practical and emotional process. The user is looking for a specific offer – a piece with proper dimensions and functionality – but is influenced by its presentation in the right environment. Furniture companies are well-aware of that and pay attention to a suitable exposition of products. They are in constant search of new ways of demonstration. Dobroteka showroom is even ahead of the competition. They decided to create a museum exposition that brings closer the history of Silesian carpentry. How to make it interesting for the client? By using interactive multimedia tools.


The main goal of the project was attracting the attention of the visitors. That’s why we created an interactive, historic room where state-of-the-art multimedia devices present stories from Dobrodzień region – stories about furniture and Silesian craftsmanship. Cultural antiquities are displayed on multimedia screens through historic eras – using videos controlled by a visitor. Dates appear on a screen and when a user is within the range of the sensor the interactive roulette stops and displays a movie about that period of time.


The exhibit is enriched by screens displaying a timeline and information about history, people, events and carpentry. On top of that, digital photo frames and multimedia screens present pictures from the archives of the museum and the town of Dobrodzień. The development of the region is presented using an interactive table that shows historic maps that change as the user travels through time. Such tools allow the customers to expend their knowledge about the subject and look at the furniture craftsmanship from a new – interactive – perspective.