EPG Shipyard in Gdynia

High-quality visualization
of an industrial workspace in 3D

About the project

Energomontaż Północ produces steel structures for the offshore sector, power generating stations, shipbuilding and petrochemical business. On top of that the company modernizes vessels for offshore windfarms and oilfields. For PR purposes we created a comprehensive and stunning 3D animation that shows the docks, industrial machines and the infrastructure of the shipyard. The goal was to acquire a strategic investor.


Case study

Shipbuilding used to be, besides mining and steelworks, one of the leading sectors of polish heavy industry. It declined due to political changes and restructuring reforms. The most renowned shipyards were split into smaller, privately-owned companies that struggled on a competitive national and worldwide market. The lead of the enterprise was defined not only by the lowest rates but also by the quality of services.

EPG had faced this situation. The enormous potential of the company and production capacity depended on bringing in foreign investors. Their funds would allow to modernize the enterprise, increase the competitiveness and acquire new contracts. The company decided to promote their traits through multimedia solutions that show the production process qualities and potential ways of expansion.


For the purpose of the project we created modern videos based on realistic, 3D graphics. They show the technical aspects and infrastructure of the shipyard in every detail. Using dynamic shots and well-placed typography we present the most important facts and data about the enterprise. The movies present the whole docks area, work of the cranes, specialist machines, production and the dry dock. The movie leaves the viewer with the impression that the Gdynia shipyard is a company with huge business potential that’s worth investing in.