Esotiq & Henderson

Multimedia system that allows
to take a quick look at
a fashion collection without
the need to try it on.

About the project

Esotiq&Henderson manufactures clothes and distributes them in over 200 stores across Poland and Europe. We designed and created a nonconventional, promotional and commercial tool – an interactive mirror. The device allows to try on clothes from the brand’s collection, saving the customers’ time and helping with shopping decisions.

Case study

We focused on a group of consumers that loves shopping. Going out to the mall, trying on outfits and searching for the perfect offer – these are the basic ingredients of shopping. But when the number of tried on items is getting bigger and bigger, but the basket is still empty the customer gets frustrated and discouraged.

After all, no one goes shopping just to spend time in a changing room.

The number of clothes and collections available at the market is huge. The variety of choices makes it difficult to make the right decision and find the perfect outfit.
To make it easier for clients to try on clothes we prepared a modern multimedia tool that aids the traditional shopping, making it engaging and enjoyable.



For Esotiq&Henderson we created a virtual mirror. The device works on Quazar3D using basic plug&play principle that allows to try on the entire collection without the need to change clothes. Outfits prepared in 3D technology are displayed over the figure of the user registered by a camera. The level of detail, cutting and textures, along with well thought out special effects make the final image a stunning reflection of the reality. Additional features, e.g. taking pictures and sending them to an e-mail address, are perfect for customers who need a little more time to decide. Virtual mirror is an effective marketing tool that promotes the manufacturer in an innovative way that builds brand loyalty.