Intuitive management system
for touch and interactive applications.

All devices and content at hand

If you supervise touch devices and multimedia screens it’s time to increase the efficiency and manage them all from one central point. Flooid is a pioneer CMS system that will improve your work with interactive devices, increase the capabilities of monitored network and allow to manage the hardware better. Intuitive and friendly interface lets you manage the application and adjust the displayed content to the receiver. Responsive surfaces react to the movements of the user and suitable graphics, animation and sound encourage the interaction. The management of even the biggest network of multimedia devices is no longer an issue.



Few hours of training is enough to get to know the extensive functionalities of Flooid system

Manage all multimedia devices and content from one central point:

• Upload content remotely to all multimedia devices
• Each device can display default or scheduled content – you can set a specific date and time of publication
• Support of all multimedia content – interactive (e.g. Unity3D, HTML5/JavaScript, Flash, .exe) and passive (audio, video, slideshow) applications.
• Support of PDF and PowerPoint presentations on touchscreens

Elastic interface and plugins configuration:

• Managing the content of interactive applications developed by i3D
• Two-step content publication – through administrator’s approval
• RFID support

Full control over hardware

• Remote on/off turning of the devices or groups of devices
• Scheduling turning on/off the devices for each day of the week separately
• Managing turning on/off projectors that use PJLink protocol

On top of that you can extend the system with:
• DMX lighting control
• Sound volume control
• Turning on/off any devices (projectors, cameras etc.)

Have total control – monitor hardware and applications. Get to know the users.

• Real-time monitoring of devices – their state and ability to communicate with the system
• Monitoring state of the controllers (free disc space, CPU usage, memory usage)
• Monitoring system and applications and providing information about abnormal behavior
• Configuring e-mail/text alerts for selected communicates and states of the devices
• Monitoring the activity of Flooid users

You can extend the system with:
• Monitoring the state of any devices connected to Flooid (projectors, cameras etc.)
• Monitoring applications created by i3D.
• Dedicated analysis and statistics system for monitoring data

Projects that use Flooid system