Gliwice City Hall

An image campaign that presents
the modern character of the city

About the project

At the request of the local government of Gliwice we created two advertising spots that show the modern character of the city. The productions were part of an image campaign under the slogan “Gliwice – the future is here”. They were broadcasted in national TV stations in prime time.

Case study

Gliwice is an important academic and industrial center, leading in modern technologies. But it is still perceived through the stereotypes of mining and steelwork heritage characteristic to the Silesia region. This obsolete impression of reality is an obstacle that makes it hard to attract investors and discourages people from settling in the city. To change this, the local authorities decided to use promotional tools to construct a modern image of the city. We were in charge of the creation of two advertising spots that show Gliwice in a new light.


For the purpose of the image campaign we created two productions.


In 2012 we made a 30-second spot that shows the most well-known tourist sites of Gliwice (such as the Radio Tower or the Town Hall) as well as objects that make up for the new identity of the city – Centre of New Technologies, Nowe Gliwice and Sośnica Junction. The futuristic design reflects the message behind the slogan “Gliwice – the future is here”. The idea for the spot was inspired by Gliwice hosting the 8th WTA (World Techonopolis Association) General Assembly – the biggest innovation event in Europe. The commercial was broadcasted by the public television and by TVN and TVN24 networks.

Gliwice Arena

The second spot was created in 2013 and was devoted to the flagship investment project of Gliwice – a modern multi-purpose sports and entertainment arena. The spot has futuristic design and is composed of dynamic shots that present sport and cultural events that will be held at the location in the future. The purpose of the project was the promotion of the arena and aid in finding the naming sponsor. The spot was broadcasted by TVP1 and TVP2 networks in prime time.