Interactive presentation of bank’s services
that combines entertainment
with a practical knowledge or the offer.

About the project

Present-day clients prefer solutions that are simple and allow them to acquaint themselves with brand’s offer in a quick and easy way. To answer these expectations we worked with mBanks’ Strategy and Communications Department and Expander IT company, responsible for the integration of multimedia installations. The cooperation resulted in a number of pioneer, interactive solutions that are implemented in the bank’s locations in shopping centers. Customers are able to experience a whole new level of interaction with the brand while getting to know the offer.


Case study

The services provided by the bank are not clear and easy to understand for an average client. The economic language, professional terminology and wide range of the offer make navigating through banking products difficult. Our goal was to improve the direct communication with the client and present the cross-section offer of the bank for everyone to understand. Following the modern trends we created a comprehensive system of interaction with the client that includes information about mOkazje, new transaction system and current deals.



Taking into consideration different types of customers and services offered as well as used tools we created following solutions:


Go inside and check out the competition? Every client asks himself that question while standing in front of the bank’s location. Well-designed storefront encourages to use the services of the locale. The engaging character of the display, letting the customers to decide what they want to see or presenting the offer using multimedia content such as movies or pictures is a key to attracting new clients. We used all these tools to create new, captivating mBank storefronts that encourage the customers to go inside and familiarize themselves with the bank’s offer.


Interactive wall


The key to an effective marketing is the ability to present the information in a well-composed, esthetic way, adjusted to the sex, age and interests of the recipient. Due to a huge amount of daily perceived information present-day customer reacts only to messages that meet his expectations. That results in a need to apply a wide range of interactive solutions that make the offer attractive and prolog the time of interaction with the brand. We presented an interactive wall constructed of multitouch monitors. The presented offer is attractive and stylish, securing the image of a brand that stays ahead of the competition.



The most important aspect of the powerwall system is the face recognition software that allows to adjust the message to the sex and age of the customer. Modern design and a large interactive area that makes scrolling through the content intuitive and easy, causing the client to interact with the brand and perceive the message as a useful and desirable information, not impudent advertising.

The design puts the interactive wall in the center of the locale, focusing the interest of the customers. It is a real body of knowledge that delivers comprehensive information; bringing closer the interface of the mobile application, showing variety of banking accounts or presenting movies that explain how mOkazje work.


Kids zone


Meeting the expectations of parents helps to build brand trust and lets the parents focus on getting serviced. While the parents are familiarizing themselves with bank’s offer the children are learning the basics of the economy – all by playing games and using interactive applications. They learn how the cash machines work, where does the money come from or why it’s important to save money. To attract the attention of these most demanding clients we use smaller touchscreens along with colorful and suitable graphics.



Applications were implemented into the top 11 locations of the mBank in the biggest cities of Poland.


Even the most elaborate tools won’t be helpful with the promotion of the brand if their effectiveness cannot be measured. That’s why we implemented system Flooid system into our project. Flooid system allows to monitor certain applications and gather data to examine their effectiveness. The statistics are helpful in adjusting the displayed content to the actual expectations of the customers. The system is designed to meet the bank’s high security standards.