Moab Giants Paleosafari

3D animations and augmented reality
help to get a closer look
at the life of prehistoric reptiles.

The Delta Association has founded in Poland three extraordinary JuraParks located in Bałtów, Krasiejów and Solec. They dictate new standards for exploring prehistoric reptiles, often busting the myths present in numerous Hollywood productions. Besides visual and interactive aspects, the exposition must have a scientific character supported by the most recent paleontological research. Dinosaurs are presented in their actual size and presumed appearance. In 2014 began the construction of a similar site in the USA. The small town of Moab, Utah was chosen for its numerous discoveries of fossils and dinosaur tracks. i3D was in charge of creating virtual applications, documentaries and animations that make the visit to the park engaging and attractive, bringing closer the mysterious world of dinosaurs.


Case study

Present-day tourist is a conscious and demanding user. The visit to a museum or an amusement park is expected to provide him with unforgettable experience and deep insight into the presented topic. The most important aspect of a dinosaur amusement park is undeniably life-size models of the animals presented in their natural habitat. But it’s the modern technology that brings them to life. It provides user with facts and trivia that even the most realistic models are not able to supply. We created such solutions for Moab Giants Paleosafari.


Augmented reality solutions

We created two augmented reality solutions that use 3D graphics displayed on the actual park environment, so the visitor is able to find out how the fossils are created. It shows two running dinosaurs, one of which, due to a misfortune, dies in a swamp. That results in its bones being preserved up till now.

Documentaries – interviews

To make interviews with the scientists more attractive we created unique animations that complement the documentary. Semidocumentary movie is accompanied by animated shorts from the dinosaur world, e.g. one portraying the story of the first polish team that found a complete dinosaur skeleton or a scientist that described for the first time that dinosaurs had feathers.


The extraordinary story of feathered dinosaurs and marks left by these enormous creatures is told in dynamic animations created by i3d.