System of interactive floors
used as advertising carrier.

About the project

52 200 viewers can watch a movie at the same – on 243 screens in 30 locations in Poland. Multikino is one of the biggest chains of multiplexes in the country. The first one, founded in 1998, marked the beginning of a constant expansion of the brand. Besides the distribution of movies the chain broadcasts concerts, movie marathons, sport transmissions, HD operas and holds events for different groups of movie lovers, e.g. “Kino na obcasach” [Cinema in high heels]. In 2008 all multiplexes have been equipped in digital projectors for 3D movies.
Due to constant development, the brand is looking for new ways of communicating with the viewer. It wants to be perceived as a versatile center of entertainment. That created a need to introduce engaging animated elements into the multiplexes and establish a concept for an off-screen campaign that attracts the visitors’ attention.

Case study

Multikino is a renowned and accomplished brand on the polish market – but that doesn’t mean it can stop chasing new customers. Online streaming, VOD and the development of mobile services and IMAX cinemas are significantly narrowing the audience of multiplexes. To create a bond with customers and keep them, Multikino is organizing theme screenings, movie marathons or broadcasts of sport events. But a subject is not everything – emotions and engagement cannot be replaced by other media. That’s where interactive applications come in handy – they take the user into the world of the silver screen. Client is not only entertained, but also gets to know products and history of the brand, forming a bond. That bond makes him choose promoted product while making a consumer decision through the recollection of positive emotions. Taking into consideration a unique character of Multikino we want to offer viewers an unforgettable experience by a variety of interactive solutions that enrich the offer of the brand and engage viewers in a unique entertainment.


Interactive floors

The attention of the viewer is usually focused on a cinema screen. What if the advertisement content was displayed in a new, unexpected place? We turned the projector down, onto the floor, and equipped it with a motion detector that adjusts displayed content to the user’s movements. Dynamic graphics and animations invite to interact with the heroes of currently shown pictures and encourage to get to know their story.

Virtual mirror

Feel like a movie hero, try on an outfit from a blockbuster – which movie lover would pass on that opportunity? We use a camera that records user’s movement, hand motion detector and a virtual closet full of outfits to make it happen. Anyone can try on a gladiator costume or a legendary dress of Marylin Monroe and recreate scenes from iconic productions. It’s available through a simple interface based on Quazar3D and Flooid system. It allows to combine mentioned elements with data from a website or mobile applications, creating a comprehensive system of communication with a client.

Access to statistics

A vital part of proposed solutions is a complex system of statistics offered by Flooid. It offers an insight into typical behavior of customers and allows easy management of applications by:
• Online order, placement and monitoring of advertisements;
• Management of all devices and content in one place;
• All data about a number of interactions and their duration, ready for an analysis.