MWM Elektro

Interactive 3D visualization
that simulates the environment
of industrial mining equipment.

About the project

MWM Elektro specializes in the production and maintenance of winding engines for mining and heavy industry. Getting to know these machines before the purchase and usage is crucial due to the level of their complexity and overall aspects of the trade. We created applications that take the user into the virtual world of 3D machines, showing the construction parts and basic operating principles.

Implementation of interactive elements in the simulation allows users to browse key systems, setups and drivers supporting the correct starting and reliable operation of MWM Elektro products. Virtual space is correlated with a wide range of visual and sound effects, making the presentation more attractive and closer to the real working zone of operators.


Case study

Operating heavy industry machines is a complex task, requiring hours of training and months of experience. The proficiency in that field is mandatory not only to ensure the well-functioning enterprise, but also to protect human life. The need to secure the workflow continuity, high costs of operator training and the high price of potential mistakes impedes this complex process. The size and weight of these machines are obstacles making it very difficult to present them on fairs or show to potential clients and promote the product.

That is where the virtual reality comes in handy. The simulation allows to present difficult procedures and the complexity of the systems in a realistic way. Their main feature is interactivity and combining real controllers with a virtual workspace. The user is no longer an observer – he turns into the actual operator, getting to know the machine and learning from his own mistakes without consequences.
Applications allow to simulate adverse events, teaching solutions that can prevent a crisis in the future. The wide range of functionalities combined with intuitive interface makes the process of learning quicker and more effective compared with a traditional training.



Interactive walk around an industrial space

We created a virtual walk using real-time computer graphics that reflects a real workspace responsive to user interaction. It allows to see and hear how these machine work. The subject can operate them by using virtual controls and implement nonlinear scenarios of critical situations that can happen during work in a real environment. We used the machine’s technical documentation to ensure that the virtual representation is 100% accurate. The clients can get to know better the potential of presented machines and the employees can learn the standard procedures in a safe environment.


Simulation of the machine in HMD (head-mounted display)

To immerse into virtual reality we created a simulation of the machines in HMD. After putting on the headset the virtual environment is rendered in real-time. When combined with a controller, the system allows the user to move around a 3D industrial space and operate the machines. Opening and closing virtual rooms, moving objects and controlling the equipment – it’s all possible thanks to used solutions.



3D Video

nteractive operations are supported by 3D movies. They show in an interactive and easy way the full functionality of the machines, how they work and how to perform maintenance procedures. Based on the visualizations a training program was created for the technical staff, sales representatives and clients.

Along with the project three movies were prepared for the client: