Virtual Reality Software

Bring 3D content to life

Quazar3D is an advanced software solution that allows users to create real time applications and visually demanding 3D content designed for stereoscopic immersive display systems. Its most important feature is an open graphic environment that can be extended in a way that every project’s result meets the initial expectations, raising the efficiency in idea-to-launch process, while creating real time 3D application. Quazar3D supports all commercial immersive systems. Intuitive character and simplicity of the interface makes it perfect for both professionals and beginners.
Due to an innovative model of using graphical linkage instead of scripting languages students are able to easily implement complex interactions and scientific processes. Programmers, engineers or graphic designers can develop custom plugins and scripts. It is all possible by using open programming structure and advanced graphics cards that show the virtual world in every detail.



• Creating virtual, real-time, 3D environments
• Intuitive interface allows both beginners and professionals to create simulations in a quick and easy way
• Intuitive graphical programming module
• Open structure that lets professional users create their own scripts and plugins to refine the project
• Creation of 3D models through FBX import
• Many license options to meet the needs and requirements of clients.

Paccar_engine_VIRTUAL ENGINE

Possibilities of Quazar3D

Quazar3D software can be used in many market sectors. As a tool for creating 3D graphics for dedicated applications it is used in:
• Industry (vocational trainings, simulators, presentations);
• Education (lectures, workshops, laboratories).

As a designed and implemented dedicated application it can be found in:
• Museums (visualization of events, illustration of historic scenes);
• Design offices (verification of a project, training);
• Administration (decision centers, assessment centers, management of data, data visualization).

interactive_education_INTER EDU

Projects developed with Quazar3D