Remontowa Holding S.A.

Concept and design of an interactive showroom
that shows the potential and innovative character
of Remontowa Holding S.A.

About the project

Remontowa Holding S.A is the largest private industrial capital group in northern Poland and third largest in the country. It’s also one of the leaders of shipbuilding industry in Europe. It’s composed of two shipyards: Remontowa Shiprepair Yard and Remontowa Shipbuilding and a design office – Remontowa Design & Consulting. Above that over twelve shipping and offshore companies are part of the group. It employs over 8 thousand people.

The group takes part in many science, cultural, artistic and sports projects, spreading knowledge about shipping industry and the craft of building and renovating ships. It was an origin of an idea for modern and innovative presentation of company’s virtues in a permanent showroom in Maritime Culture Centre in Gdańsk. i3D was in charge of developing a concept for the exhibition, designing the visual identification and implementing showroom’s devices.

Case study

Remontowa Holding wants to be perceived as a modern and dynamic enterprise, the leader of shipbuilding industry in Poland and a valuable partner worldwide. It reflects the reality – the group is in the top 3 polish companies of that type and top 5 on a global scale. To empower the image of an innovative firm that sets the trends, the company founded a place that shows its achievements and business potential in an accessible and engaging way – without the boredom and redundant information characteristic to museum displays. The goal of the showroom was to influence the visitor’s imagination, catch his attention and show him aspects of the business. We do not focus on the history, we show how it works here and now. We let the guest in, letting him touch, see and experience using his own senses. To achieve that a modern multimedia and interactive solutions were used.


We started the realization of the project from developing a comprehensive conception of the showroom: what to show, in what way and how to present the most important topics and aspects of the subject. The next step was creating the graphic concept of the showroom and, supported by architects, the interior layout. The final stage consisted of the implementation and realization of interactive applications for multimedia devices used in the exposition.

The telescope

Find yourself on the deck of a ferry using an Oculus Rift headset.
Instead of a traditional model presenting the inside of a Landegode ferry we used VR glasses masked as a tourist telescope. 3D technique takes the visitor under the deck of the ferry, allowing to explore even places not available to the passengers.

Map of the world

On three combined touchscreens we present an enormous, interactive globe.
By spinning it the user can explore waters with marked ships that were build or renovated in the shipyard.


Dock the drilling platform

Ships that can carry a drilling platform weighing 24 thousand tons? Sure!
We created an augmented reality application that shows how it works. All you have to do is switch on a tablet. This exceptional application projects an image of a renovated drilling rig on the model placed in front of the user – all in real time. The user is able to turn around the model, display the animation that shows docking of the platform and see the whole process of the submerging, calibration and resurfacing of the drilling rig.

Map of the shipyard

Get to know the companies forming the Remontowa Holding group.
Remontowa Holding is composed of dozens of smaller entities and enterprises. We used a large touchscreen with a map of northern Poland to show where they are located and what they do. The user can select a city, learn more about a location and see a detailed 3D map with information about the companies. The map is brought to live by animation that shows “live of the shipyard”: moving cranes, trucks and ships.


Vitrual mirror

“Try out” the work in a shipyard.
What wears a shipyard worker? What wears an inspector that audits a ship? Just stand in front of the mirror to find out! We used a Kinect device that monitors movements of a user to combine out reflection with a uniform of a shipyard worker. The application takes a picture that can be sent by an e-mail to a visitor.

Inspect the ship

In cooperation with a science club of Gdańsk University of Technology we created an application that allows the visitor to perform an inspection of ship’s most easily breakable parts. He has to find flaws in four different areas of the unit before the time is up.

Operate the shipyard crane

Being a crane operator requires a high precision and bears a great responsibility. These enormous machines can move ships that weigh hundreds of tons. What if anyone could sit at the controls of such machine? Wearing the Oculus headset that immerses into the virtual reality the visitor can feel like a crane operator. Moving across a dry dock, carrying parts of the ship and managing the load of a cargo – practice all that in an application we created.


Load vehicles onto a ferry

Loading a ship is a seemingly simple task. But only seemingly.
The visitors can find out what it takes using an application that simulates the job of an operator that oversees loading cars onto the ferry. User disposes the cargo to ensure the safety of virtual passengers and crew. The mistakes are reported by a dialog box and an animation of a tilted ship. The visitor can use one of two cameras – on the outside or the inside of the ferry.


Besides listed applications, in cooperation with two architects – Anna Rzeźnik i Kasper Skirgajłło-Krajweski – we created a space for business and conference meetings. The films about the shipyard are projected on two, characteristic for ships portholes. We also designed infographics and visual identity of the showroom, used e.g. to present models of the ships.