Krakow Technology Park

Interactive showroom that shows
the potential of companies
located in Krakow Technology Park

About the project

Krakow Technology Park was founded in 1997 in Kraków as a result of a partnership between the Polish government, academic community and the local government of Kraków. It’s a special economic zone that brings together multiple, both domestic and foreign, companies and investors. It grew year by year, researching new ways of attracting investors and presenting a creative potential of its companies. One of the imperatives was a technology incubator for modern technologies, games and digital media – the trademark of Kraków.
In the cooperation with MAE MULTIMEDIA ART EDUCATION company we had the pleasure of designing new interactive applications. Implemented in a special showroom they present what the companies have to offer.

Case study

A potential client interested in interactive solutions can choose from multiple companies operating in Poland that offer these unique services. The choice is not easy. The Krakow Technology Park decided to meet the expectations of the customers and create a space that through the interaction and modern media presents the offer of park’s companies in an attractive and comprehensive way.

Following present-day trends KTP created a unique space – the showroom. A space where companies can show themselves in the best possible manner. Multiple multimedia expositions are the focus point of the showroom. They create a specific route that allows to explore the KTP. The space is designed to hold formal and informal meetings, creative coaching seminars and even allow to take a break with some video games.


Important aspect of the showroom is its universality and a possibility to customize. The RFID technology allows companies to adjust displayed content to their actual needs. They can shape the multimedia space to suit their requirements and accommodate the client.
Flooid system, integrated with the multimedia devices allows to easily coordinate and monitor the space, showing the complete data about all devices.

We were in charge of creating the design, graphics, animations and bringing together following devices:

Welcome screen:
The user is welcomed to the showroom by a video presentation of economic changes that occurred in Malopolska Region in the last 25 years. Animation is triggered by motion sensors that start the movie when a person appears before the screen. When no one is in the range of the device a screensaver is projected – an animation inspired by the building’s architecture.

The Quote Zone
Three integrated projectors and a motion detection technique were used to display quotes associated with business. The presentation is triggered by entering the zone. Displayed quotes move along with the viewer.

Technology Display
12 touchscreens create an interactive installation. Each of them presents a different IT technology after being activated by touch. They are embellished by a unique effect of a wave that propagates through all of the screens when one of them is touched.

Transparent Touchscreen Stand
A unique technology of a transparent touchscreen was used to present companies housed by the KTP. An extra multimedia screen is placed between a customer and the product. The presented item is still visible, but a wide range of effects and animations shows it in a whole new context, enriched by visual content and effects.

KTP Companies
To present companies housed by the KTP we used 4 Full HD monitors and a Kinect device that captures user’s movement. The user can choose any company from a multimedia carousel to see its profile and image gallery.

Edulab Mini Cave
Three walls create a virtual space that is a screen for 4 projectors. This installation is controlled by a touchscreen and all content can be dynamically customized.

Interactive screens joined into a coherent whole that allow the user to familiarize himself with promotional materials about KTP.


Meeting zone
A multimedia meeting zone was designed to create a space for accommodating clients and to empower an unrestricted exchange of ideas. It is composed of 4 individual stations, all equipped with a couch, table and a large touchscreen. Two of the touchscreens are transparent. Connection between them allows to play a multiplayer, futuristic racing game set in an enclosed, epileptic space with additional obstacles.