National Centre for Culture Poland

Music video for an educational
campaign associated with
the premiere of the movie
“Wałęsa” by Andrzej Wajda.

About the project

In 2013 Andrzej Wajda directed the movie “Wałęsa. A Man of Hope” that tells the story of a polish trade union Solidarity and its leader – Lech Wałęsa. It portraits the shift in the society of the 80’ Poland. The premiere was accompanied by a PR campaign directed not only to people who remember these events, but mostly to younger audience.

The campaign was coordinated by National Centre for Culture Poland. One of its elements was a music video to the song “Tribute to Solidarity” from a “38/39 – Zrozumieć Polskę” [To Understand Poland] album recorded by a hip-hop artist L.U.C. The artistic guidance was provided by the winner of the Academy Award and the master of polish animation – Ryszard Rybczyński. i3D was in charge of the production and multimedia effects of the music video.

Case study

For the generation born after 1989, Solidarity and martial law in Poland are ancient history. Young people are accustomed to freedom and diversity offered by democracy and modern media, they don’t look back at the future. Changes that occurred 25 years ago are at most a note in Wikipedia, a meme or a few pages in a history book. That creates a need to promote history in a way that will reach the younger audience, unlike polish pop culture that is often pretentious, martyrological and repelling for the millennials.

On account on a form that needs to be suitable for the young people we decided on a music video that combines traditional animation with advanced multimedia technologies. The short film illustrated a song by L.U.C – a hip-artist from Wrocław and was used in a trailer for the movie about Lech Wałęsa.


Due to a huge number of music videos available in digital media it is hard to surprise the user with an innovative and original material. Taking that into consideration we combined “the old” and “the new” in an animation that stands out with both the content and the form.

The result was a music video that uses both traditional animation techniques and advanced multimedia technologies. The concept of the project was a collage constructed from archive footage and different types of animation – telling the same story using diverse visual interpretation. The process of creation included rotoscoping, 2D and 3D animation and digital painting. Each frame was digitally animated and then drawn by hand, scanned and merged with others to obtain a unified picture. 5 minutes of 25 frames per second animation resulted in 7300 drawings!

In cooperation with Ryszard Rybczyński, the creator of famous “Tango”, we achieved a unique artistic effect that in a poetic way tells the story of Lech Wałęsa, Solidarity and noted Poles that launched a process of social and political changes. The climate of the music video suits the film’s subject, but also charms with delicacy and originality desired by the creators.