Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka

Interactive design of Kazanów
and Lill Górna chambers in Wieliczka Salt Mine
using modern multimedia presentation techniques.

About the project

Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in Poland with over 800 years of history, 2000 chambers, 250 km of tunnels and a million visitors each year. Wieliczka is something more than a mine thanks to exceptional people, climate and centuries of tradition. This unique character requires suitable setting that takes the visitor on a journey through space and time, awakes emotions and stimulates senses. Keeping in mind these factors we designed an interactive multimedia concept of two newly opened for tourists chambers – Kazanów and Lill Górna.

The challenge was combining innovative character of the exposition with tradition and unique climate of the mine. Our design includes comprehensive solutions that use state-of-the-art multimedia techniques to recreate the interior character, history and the atmosphere of new chambers. At the same time, within the “hidden dimension” conception we have proposed a very emotional and spectacular display of light, sound and image as the most universal form of display for tourists, independent of age, perception and amount of time they have to familiarize themselves with presented information.

Case study

Present-day tourist is fed up with dusty exhibits behind the glass, stale descriptions and scientific jargon. He wants to touch, feel and experience the past with all his senses. Keeping that in mind we had to adjust the concept to specific mine conditions, but not overwhelming. Technical and geological conditions, unique history and almost sacred character of the space required careful planning and preparation. The concept supposed to be innovative and captivating, but consistent with prior tourist routes. Each chamber had to be handled with a little bit different approach and multimedia concept to emphasize its specificity. The goal was to surprise returning tourists and attract new ones.



Lill Górna – information, interaction and art center

Outstanding acoustics and unique climate of underground chambers create perfect condition for multimedia projections. Their main subject is nature – modern technology is the director. It takes the visitor on a journey through time and space to show him the history of salt. The darkness of a tunnel that leads to the chamber is lightened up only by LED lights that lead the way. All this leaves an astonishing impression of a journey through centuries.

Feel, see, experience… modern technologies arouse emotions and create unforgettable climate.


Kazanów Chamber– Underground amphitheater

Salt is a subject wide as the sea – and from the sea come the deposits of this mineral form. It can be discussed as seen through the eyes of geologists, physicists, chemists, biology and even historians and artists. To give each of these mentioned fields separate space we divided the chamber into three parts: information, interaction and art zones. They stimulate the senses and provide unforgettable experience. The proposed layout gave the opportunity to use various multimedia techniques: 5D cinema, over 20 interactive applications, games, virtual reality and Kinect. Through interactive technologies the visitor can learn about Miocene sea, get to know the molecular structure of salt and the role it plays in our everyday lives. He can perform his own experiments and become for a while a medieval miner. Learning through experiments and interaction is a thrilling adventure, as well as a useful promotional tool.

We based our conception on a modular design that is easily customizable. In can be expanded by additional stations without the need to change the whole exposition. Each station element has its own power supply and works independently, so a malfunction of one does not disrupt the entire display.

Extraordinary stories require extraordinary solutions

Proposed solutions showed that a diverse route can be consistent and attractive when used techniques combine teaching with entertainment and reach the audience in a direct and modern way.